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What is "Europe"? Where is Europe? Who is a European? What does it mean to be a European?

We live in a Europe of many different people, with different opinions and different identities. This is Europe's great strength; its Unity in Diversity. To better reflect these differences and similarities, this project aims to engage EU citizens with creating new symbols that show what "Europe" is.

The original designs were chosen by politicians, in an age when the internet was still relatively new and when "Europe" was mostly Western nations. The world has changed since then. The EU has grown much larger, the EU faces new opportunities and new challenges, and the rapid expansion of the internet allows much greater interaction between European citizens and European governments. The#YourEurope project is the first initiative to get EU citizens involved in changing the symbols of the EU's currency, to better reflect what it means to be a "European" today.

It's your Europe. Have your say.

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Please answer the following questions on a scale of 1 star (Strongly Disagree) to 10 stars (Strongly Agree)

Q The currency should keep the designs it already has

Q The currency should be redesigned

Q I like the current designs of the euro currency

Q The euro currency’s current designs are a good representation of “Europe” to the rest of the world

Q The current designs of the euro currency reflect what it means to be a citizen of the EU

Q The current designs of the euro currency reflect what is means to be a “European”

Q The current designs make me feel “European”

Q The currency designs should feature images of people

Q The currency should show famous Europeans from history

Q The currency should show Europeans from art

Q The designs should show images of actual monuments or buildings in Europe

Q The designs should show images of fictional monuments or building styles (e.g. medieval, Roman, industrial)

Q The designs should show images of European nature (e.g. birds, animals, flowers)

Q The designs should show images of European landscapes (e.g. islands, mountains, rivers)

Q The designs should show a map of the European continent

Q The designs should show a map of only EU members

Q The designs should show a map of only Eurozone members

Q Please drag the boxes below into your preferred order

  • The currency should show actual Europeans from history (e.g. Mozart, Marie Curie, Erasmus);
  • The currency should show imagined Europeans from art (e.g. Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa, Michelangelo’s David);
  • The currency should show generic images of “unity” (e.g. clasped hands, embracing people);
  • The currency should show abstract symbols of “unity” (e.g. circles, intersecting lines);
  • The currency designs should not be changed;

Q What would you like to see in a new banknote/coin design? What symbols, general or specific?

Q What historical figures would you include, if any?

Please upload your design (up to 2Mb pdf, jpg or png files)

  • Lepongiste69
    2019-12-08 21:13:50

    I rather like national designs on the "head" sides of coins. As a young boy, I had a "Eurocollector" book in which I was gathering the Euro coins from all EU Member States (and from Monaco, the Vatican and San Marino, curiously enough). This probably shaped my view of Europe from a young age and in a rather sound manner, I would say. I have always been struggling (and I still am!) to find coins from Eastern European countries, so I would favour a reform according to which the number of Euro coins assigned to each country is not determined (solely) based on the size of their economy, but perhaps on an equal footing or by taking other factors into account. On the contrary, I am rather sceptical about the "front" side. It looks rather technical, you see that "logos" won over "pathos" in the choice of the design. A symbol of unity, such as the map so far, does make sense to me. This is, after all, the counterpoint of the "diversity" side. Yet, the current map is hardly hardly legible and Western centric. In short: better representation of Eastern European countries on head sides, and perhaps a nicer/larger map on front sides.

    Great musicians. I would love to find Sibelius and Bizet in my wallet!

  • sykeswallerj
    2019-10-09 21:41:24

    Doesn't bother me in the slightest as we (UK citizens) have the pound sterling.


  • PleaseDontFailMyExam
    2019-10-08 13:22:42

    Nature, landscapes

    Maybe not a specific figure, but more like 'movements' or periods - eg trade between vikings and Europe, stuff like that

  • EUcatalonia
    2019-09-15 00:45:43

    National/regional designs of all of Europe: Like for example, a German banknote could have in one side images of famous Germans like for example, Michael Schumacher, Konrad Adenauer, Lothar de Maiziere on one side and on the other an image representative of Germany, like for example the opening of the Berlin wall and its fall and a map showing both East and West Germany uniting. In the case of Spain there should be for example on one side great Spanish democrats such Manuel Azaña or Adolfo Suárez an on the other hand something representative of the Spanish culture. In each of the different regions recognized as nationalities they should have different designs. Catalan ones should feature on one side prominent Catalans such as Francesc Macià and in the other a map of Catalonia or sceneries of Catalan life and/or mountains. Iconic points in European history. Such as the suffragist movement, etc.

    Alcide de Gasperi, Winston Churchill, Mikhail Gorbachov, John Major, Gerhard Schröder, Stefan Heym, Sissi, Elizabeth II, Tsar Alexander II, Lenin, Marx, Engels, Konrad Adenauer, Günther Schabowski, Olof Palme, Bertrand Gachot (a F1 driver who said that he felt more European than any other form of identity) Salvador Puig-Antich, etc.

  • novalogic
    2019-09-14 08:57:40

    Famous European scientists.

    Please only scientists.